Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Family-raised, healthy and socialized puppies

What's a Mini Bernedoodle?

A Mini Bernedoodle is a hybrid of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Minature Poodle. Because they are a cross of two established breeds, they can vary in size, coat type and personality We love their goofy playfulness and loyal companionship!

What are the advantages?

Because of "hybrid vigor" (or the crossing of two unrelated breeds), Mini Bernedoodles are expected to have a longer lifespan. Because the have minimal shedding, these dogs are recommended for those with allergies. Hypo-allergenic dogs are less likely to cause allergy symptoms.

Personalities of Bernedoodles

We love raising Bernedoodles because of their friendly and loving behavior. They are ready to grab your attention and do literally anything to please you. We've found that they adjust well to other types of pets and breeds of dogs.

Adorable, Loving Friends

We're a little partial, but these puppies are on cuteness overload! They are such attention-getters and their loveable fuzzy faces charm everyone.

We are VERY Selective

Our family has three Bernese Mountain Dogs females and they are our personal pets. They are valued parts of our family and their well-being is of our utmost importance. When we breed them, we select mini poodle sires that are as friendly and healthy as our own dogs.

Exercise Needs

All dogs, especially puppies, need exercise to ensure their health. Some breeds need more of less exercise. Likewise, Mini Bernedoodles will become your true companion during exercise, running, swimming, playing and other activities.

Our Reputation as Breeders

Our intention as breeders is to raise puppies we'd want to buy for our own kids! They need to be safe, healthy and happy companions. We enjoy our dogs as pets but we have so much fun with the puppies. Our three kids help play with these energetic little fluff-balls and have a great time doing it.

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What Others Are Saying About Us

“We love our Chewie ('Mac')!! He is an extremely handsome boy who is great with our kids. His intelligence is outstanding, which makes him very easy to train...Linda has been a great breeder since the day we contacted her about a puppy. She was very flexible and responsive in allowing us to get Mac, even though we reside in Puerto Rico. She keeps in touch with her puppies' families. Thank you for allowing us to have Chewie a part of our family. We love our Bernedoodle! ”
Puerto Rico

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